Raw Touch - Bridges of Sentience

Creating imperfections, grasping the area in between perfection and imperfection. Playing between control and letting go. Observing and playing in part. Combining unlikely materials, getting in touch with playfulness and poetry, poetic & honest. 

Pushing them to the perfection they are ever willing to reach, depriving them of their conventional concept! This reduction gives them character as if they are alive. Events and passage of time shape materials and leave marks and lines on them. They push this passage upon each other.

- an ongoing project

('Raw Touch' & 'Skin for Urban Life' are sub-categories for the project 'Bridges of Sentience'

        Inspiration comes from my ever fascination with cities and urban environments but not limited to ( in general human settlements), in the social and architectural/urbanistic context.

‘Raw Touch’ collection intends to highlight an interplay & connection between materials & objects which are found in excess around us and in our habitat, Capturing their graphic representation as well as materiality. Recording and emphasising the consequences of these choices.

In the phrasing, I go further and give the personal and intimate layers to the story, to the relationship and interaction between the exploited materials. In comparing to practicality & functionality of concrete or plastic I notice their coldness and soulless presence as if it has become the essence of our social behaviour (in a socio-political sense). However, this is our habitat, we live in it, work, love and the most intimate moment and growth happen in it. I intend to bring these elements closer and closer as if they are body and skin for us, It tries to give a new skin to the city.  

Concrete and plastics are both symbols & reminders of mass-production and mass-consumption. In other words, it could be said we have the world today as it is because of these materials and the way they contributed (facilitated) to our economy, but now we are day by day, more & more confronted with impacts & marks that might never go away.... to be continued

Concrete Heart, Plastic Soul
Poetry is dead.
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