Process(archival)-works & Experiments

Here you find experiments and processes, material-based sketching and brainstorming of ideas as well as products or their presentation in different phases. In line with 'making is thinking'. I find the process, archiving and material-based research fundamental part of the artistic practice. Therefore, here I give it emphasis. 

These processes (visual material shared on this section/page) sometime might be related to specific existing categories or be the process of a new project being born. Within the time I will elaborate further. - 14/04/2019

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Experiments 030919 - Sculpture - Installation 

....... Info Soon

Experiments 120619 - Installation, Assemblage, Composition

in-Studio - leaving another one! , Raw Touch, Colours, ...

Experiments 100619 - Sculpture - Installation

Sculpture, Storytelling, Pieces of memory, Untold stories ...

Scale-model, Public Piece, narration, 

Experiments 100619 - Sculpture - Installation - Scale Mode

Sculpture, Public Piece, Architectual, Urban

Experiments 090619- Sculpture - Installation

Sculpture, night, lighting...

Experiments 080619 - Smart Pavilions

Architectural & Urbanistiks, Media Architecture, Pavillion, Social Space Smart City, Night Life, Public Space, 'Bridges of Sentience' 

-    Photovoltaic, Water,...

Experiments 090619 - Sculpture - Installation

Sculpture, ...

Experiments 060619 -