The way of association with haptics alters therefore the model that reality is being built upon. Noise as an ‘actual entity’ both as basic structural property beside the distorted that coincide with constant confusion arising from the overload of information and new physical interfaces disrupt the reflection we perceive through assumed alleged truth or reality that we will draw our interpretations from. There appears transparency while penetration seems impossible, a new mode of penetration is being experienced. 

There is the dullness of excess; distortion of every aspect and interface that we already are used to. The emphasis is on the confusion that lies in the process of integration and continuous adaptation to different facets of digital technologies.

The emergence of concepts from this colossal bulk of noises into what we can tune into. Sometimes it appears as classical flat ‘white noise’ . Sometimes fragments are images, words, context and concepts we can make a sense of, erroneously or accurately.


Endless Desire - 
Phase IV


    Stranger II

 Stranger I

Whispers... - video installation

Video installation; photograph, video

Dim. Various, 2015 - 2018

Untitled - I  am Nothing, I am Infinite