Bridges of Sentience

Interventions, Installations, ...

Cities' Smart

          'Smart City' is embedded in the infrastructure of the cities. It is hidden from the eyes. It is impossible or hard to grasp and point it out while wandering in the city and living the daily routines. The association of connectivity with a mass of wires and lines becomes a thing of the past. [Smart City] makes our lives easier. It brings comfort and makes the city more feasible. The city is getting closer to become an intimate home. It gets closer and closer to our bodies, it becomes part of it, it sits on your skin. Softer and more flexible. In a series of works, I will bring closer the urbanistic and architectural elements to intimate social layers. The city becomes part of fashion, and fashion is a facade for the city... 

Maps - Vienna Smart City

Sketch & Scale model - Amsterdam Smart City

The first piece from this collection will be a contribution to the city I loved, I wandered around and I know it bits by bits.

Dances of Solitude 

During 2020 for a year I haven't had a proper space to work, strange & difficult times, this overlapped with pandemic lockdown. The best was soothing myself in nature among the woods, the result was series of interventions in nature.

Skin for Urban Life - Interventions
Pieces have been made in the park in Tehran. 
Socio-political connotation of Wool Yarn and Knitting are well-known to the art scene. The intervention intends to break gender taboos.

And Life Goes On ...