Architectural - Urbanistiks

Bridges of Sentience

The urban environment is the main focus. The constructions, infrastructures and socials interaction and all & all which creates the cities and modern settlements. The aim is to improve and put most of the focus in upcoming years on related themes to this category. With references to Psychogeography, the aim is to examine this approach in new terms concerning our time.

Cities always have been the source of awe and inspiration for me. The combination and symbiosis between elements of classical period with modern (architectural) structures and infrastructures are the sign for cultural richness. They contribute to mobility within and among major cities, pushing further boundaries of technology and adjustment to contemporary needs.

Dynamic cities and urban environment are always on the verge of development and progress. The scenes and features of this continuous building are obvious from afar. Cities and their structures and outlines which gives a form to the buildings are movements between chaos and order even if there is no construction on sight. In the early pieces of this series, I was inspired by mentioned elements. following series address the structural characteristics. This project is in the study phase.